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Labora sperto

AREVA – Dec. 09 to now – Mongolia :

  1. Since Dec. 2012: Head of Data Management Department of AREVA Mongolia
  2. GIS manager
    • GIS data management using MapInfo / ArcGIS
    • Training and support for users
    • Supervision of the computer graphics / GIS operator responsible for monitoring tenements
  3. Designer and manager of databases
    • PostgreSQL/PostGIS: designer of the spatial database used by AREVA in Mongolia for sampling, topographic data, license management, data logging. Triggers and various quality assurance functions designed in PL / pgSQL.
    • Oracle: completion of QA / QC, data extractions for geologists, synchronization between databases
    • Access, MySQL, SQLite: user support for various programs (DrillKing, Badge), databases used in software developed in the subsidiary
  4. Software Tools Developer
    • Development in C# and VB.Net - Windows Forms & WPF - of the interfaces and utilities connected to the databases:
      • Geologists: complete management of sampling and other data, automated calculations, analysis, exports
      • Diagraphists: data logging control, automatic shifting of logging passes, automatic generation of logs using WellCAD automation and .Net, various utilities
      • Topographers: management of the data surveyed using differential GPS and their history, process control
      • Tenement manager: tenement management
    • MapInfo modules developed in MapBasic for the specific needs of AREVA geologists in Mongolia: automatic layouts, etc..
    • Scripts and utilities made in .Net, VBA macros, or VBS scripts
    • GIS features incorporated using PostGIS and DotSpatial
  5. Trainer and user support
    • Topographers: training and support for the differential GPS, post-processing using Trimble Geomatics Office
    • Geologists, diagraphists: training and support for ArcGIS/MapInfo
    • General: general IT support, including Microsoft Office and VBA macros design
  6. Languages used: French, English

References: On request


MesoAmerican Research Center – Feb. 09 to July 09 – University of California, Belize, Guatemala:

  1. GIS manager
    • Reorganization of the GIS files in an ArcGIS geodatabase after controls and corrections
    • Establishment of a standard format for metadata
    • Training and support for the other users of ArcGIS
  2. Topographical surveys
    • Surveys at El Pilar Archaeological Park
    • Training and support for thr other project participants to carry out surveying with GPS and total station
    • Advices to the project manager
  3. Designer of a predictive model of distribution of population and land use
    • Used ArcGIS ModelBuilder and ArcSDM extension for the calculations of probabilities and the propagation of sites
    • Engineer thesis on the subject, and article in the journal of the French Agency of Topography
  4. Languages used: English

References: Project manager, Doctor Anabel Ford ( or her remarks about the work done for my engineer thesis: )


Expert Land Surveyor office D. Desmet – Summer 2008 – Vendôme, France:

  1. Land Surveyor Internship
    • Field work with total stations and GPS for property delimitation
    • Map conception using Autocad/Covadis
    • Conception of manuals for better software use in the office, improvement of the geocodification
  2. Languages used: French

References: Expert Land Surveyor, Dominique Desmet (, indicate that it's for Dominique Desmet)

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